With years of industry experience, Simon Ngo has developed a reputation for excellence, high performance, and innovation. But it’s his values and hard work that set him apart. Personal attention and quality advice are the cornerstones of his practice.

Simon Ngo. Breakthrough and Transformation. Facilitator and Coach. Wellness and Lifestyle.

These are words that simply connect to Simon's living philosophy. 

Coming from a background in sports and fitness, Simon Ngo has been exposed to the competitive sports arena since he was 10. After completing his accounting and finance degree, Simon decided to swap fancy suits for activewear in 2012 to purse a career in fitness. An elite Les Mills group fitness instructor, personal training, marketing director, first certified male Barre teacher in the country, group pilates, group fitness management and consulting are just some of Simon's involvement in fitness over the years.

Like everyone else, he first discovered yoga for the physical benefits and to become more of a ‘flexi’. Not long after, Simon started to deepen his practice and understand the deeper effects of practicing and living yoga, hence his life motto of mindful living daily. Raised as a Buddhist, Simon connected with the philosophical teachings of yoga. Naturally, this led him to complete his first 200HR teacher training with Power Living in 2016. Today, Simon has studied close to 500HR of yoga teacher training. As a student of life, Simon continually learn to teach powerful classes. Simon hopes to always sprinkle joy and positivity in all his classes, workshops and retreats to share his strong belief in mindful living. 

Simon's journey to being lifestyle and wellness coach came as conclusion of the above and his genuine passion for helping others to unlock their potential and to guide them towards a more fulfilled, free, lighter, and mindful life every day. Simon is the most random, positive and not-average person ever. Having lived through higher ups and lower downs than most 27 year olds, Simon hopes to empower other individuals by sharing his most intimate self combining the ancient teachings of yoga with modern coaching science to unlock breakthroughs and transformations.